ELP Scientific can arrange for the collection and analysis of almost any parameter of interest in any water type, from arsenic to uranium! Depending on the parameter the cost can be under £4. The samples are analysed in a UKAS accredited laboratory and, in some cases, the results can be the following day.

We can also undertake other testing & sampling requirements such as asbestos, soil, sewage effluent, harvested rain water and river water.  In some cases, we may have to check the ability of the laboratory to provide the right analysis.

The analysis is charged to our customers at cost, we charge for the collection and the interpretation of the results. Contact us for more information and costs for common water tests, including:

Legionella testing by ELP Scientific
Coliform testing by ELP Scientific
Coliform, Ecoli & plate counts
Basic inorganic chemistry by ELP Scientific
Basic inorganic chemistry
intermediate inorganic testing by ELP Scientific
Intermediate inorganic chemistry
wastewater analysis by ELP Scientific
Basic wastewater analysis


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