ELP Scientific recommends that all private water supplies (irrespective of type, age or construction) should, as a minimum, have filtration and disinfection fitted. This is because unlike mains water (which is normally chlorinated), private supplies have no protection from microbial contamination unless they are treated. This is regardless of the age or construction of the system.

While typically it is bacteria in the water that makes people ill, all private water supplies should have the appropriate treatment fitted to ensure the water is wholesome. As well as filtration and disinfection it is very common for many private supplies to require pH correction and, in some areas, manganese, iron and nitrate removal. In some cases further treatment is needed for additional parameters.

ELP Scientific can sample the water for the at-risk parameters and determine what type of treatment should be fitted and the frequency of maintenance.

We can also provide scientific advice and input to water utility engineering projects and process trouble-shooting.  Experience includes flash-mixer & clarifier design/problems, coagulant dosing points, pH correction, primary & secondary filtration, SCADA function, tank surveys and disinfection processed.

Services such as temporary scientific support, consultancy, project management and process investigation can be provided.

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