The Chlorination Process

In order to safeguard water quality and public health, it is required that private supply pipes are chlorinated and tested before a connection is allowed to the water main.

The chlorination process commences with the flushing of the system with clean water in order to remove any debris and providing a clean base for the chlorination to take place.

Following the initial flush through, the system is filled with a chlorinated solution (minimum 50mg/l strength) which will remain for a minimum of 1 hour. After this contact period has been achieved, Water Direct technicians will neutralise the chlorinated solution and dispose of it safely, flushing the system through again with clean water to remove any residual traces of chlorine.

The system is then refilled to with clean drinking water, sitting once more for a minimum contact period of 1 hour. This final flushing water will then be sampled for Chemical and Microbiological Analysis and samples taken to one of our UKAS accredited laboratories.

Following receipt of the analysis from the Laboratories a certificate is normally issued within 48hrs. Once received, your supply is ready for connection.

ELP Provide complete Chlorination, Disinfection and Sterilisation services at competitive rates. We cover Yorkshire, North England, Wales and Scotland.

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