Our Water Testing Services and Solutions

ELP Scientific provides a diverse range of services from one-off reports for private individuals to developing & delivering large infrastructure projects.

Chlorination Certificates & Water Disinfection
Water Disinfection

ELP Scientific offers a fast and complete package for  chlorination /disinfection /sterilisation services at very competitive rates. Work can often be undertaken at very short notice if necessary.

Water Treatment
Water treatment ELP Scientific

ELP Scientific recommends that all private water supplies (irrespective of type, age or construction) should, as a minimum, have filtration and disinfection fitted.

Swimming Pools & Spas
Spa And Pool

ELP Scientific can sample swimming pools for any parameter needed, and can give technical advice with regard to the relevant regulations and how they may affect you and the running of your swimming pool & spa.

Sampling / Testing
Sampling and Testing

ELP Scientific can arrange for the collection and analysis of almost any parameter of interest in any water type, from arsenic to uranium! Depending on the parameter the cost can be under £4.