Swimming pools and spas can present the perfect breeding ground for bacteria; with a high ambiant temperature and a ready supply of nutrients, bacteria can multiply rapidly.

There is a well documented history of illness outbreaks associated with pools & spas. Typically, the cause is  a relatively insignificant failure in the treatment process, maintenance or management.  All types of disinfection processes are entirely dependant on maintaining a good chemical balance and a good  control of pool chemistry.  This is critical for efficient disinfection.

ELP Scientific can sample swimming pools for any parameter needed.

We can give technical advice with regard to the relevant regulations and how they may affect you and the running of your swimming pool & spa.

Investigations can be undertaken to identify water quality problems along with the corrective actions if needed.  Like any water system, samples only demonstrate the water quality at the time of sampling.  It is very important that you have the right management in place for pools & spas (particularly commercial premises) as in the right conditions bacteria populations can increase very rapidly.  In the more serious illness outbreaks associated with pools & spas, a frequent criticism (and sometimes a prosecution point) is lack of an adequate risk assessment or appropriate management.


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