Pool and spa water sampling.

Do i need it?

It is essential that your pool and spa water is in tip-top condition. Spa water especially, should have a microbiological sample taken every two weeks and pools at least once a month. This will provide you with an early warning if things are not going quite to plan with your normal maintenance regime.

We at ELPscientific.co.uk can provide you with a water sample collection and testing service at very competitive rates. Prices start from a ‘one off’ collection to a 6 month or 12 month contractual collection.

You will receive a full breakdown of the sample, and a certificate to show that the water is regularly monitored. We keep a record of all the samples taken so that in the unlikely event of any out breaks,  you have the support and data needed to help with any inquiry into the outbreak.

Cryptosporidium and e-coli infection are very real problems and should not be over looked.

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