The Scottish Legionella outbreak in Edinburgh highlights the risk presented by legionella in water systems.  Though outbreaks are relatively rare, the fatality rate is often high and in some cases can be between 10 – 20%.  The following investigations and subsequent prosecutions after such outbreaks are often highly critical of the legionella management of the responsible premises; it is very important that your business is aware and manages the risk appropriately.

ELP Scientific can offer a complete Risk Assessment & Testing package to ensure your organisation correctly manages and controls the risk posed by legionella.  This includes the risk assessment, the creation of a legionella logbook and if necessary monitoring. Please contact us for a quote for your business.

Virtually any water system used in a commercial premises, or as part of an organisation, is considered a legionella risk by the HSE.  Case Environmental can help you to determine the risk and how it should be managed to both ensure the safety of the users of the premises from legionella and to limit the organisation from potential prosecution.

Beyond the initial risk assessment and testing. ELP Scientific can also continue monitoring regimes and in many cases can offer significant reductions on existing legionella monitoring costs. ELP Scientific will not over complicate legionella management and where possible will advise how risks can be reduced and costs saved.  This may include inhouse monitoring, maintenance and record keeping.

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